During the Shelter-in-Place phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, H.O.M.E.S., Inc. and the Central City Alliance – collaborating with other community partners – are collecting and delivering care packages door-to-door to our Neighbors most in need – concentrating on the Central City area of Ft. Lauderdale (i.e., Middle River Terrace, South Middle River, Poinsettia Heights, Lakeridge, and Lauderdale Manors).

We are looking for Donors of items, Funding, and Volunteers to help with this effort!

Also, we need you to tell us who your Neighbors in Need are, and what help they need.

Central City Cares Project

Our Goal:

To do something concrete, during the Shelter-In-Place phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis, to help our most vulnerable neighbors, primarily in the Central City area of Fort Lauderdale including Middle River Terrace, South Middle River, Poinsettia Heights, Lakeridge, and Lauderdale Manors, with non-perishable food, as well as hygiene, household laundry & cleaning products, cloth safe masks, and basic paper goods including toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue.


The idea of the Project is to deliver basic food and necessary household supplies to those in our neighborhood who are disabled, elderly, sick, have Covid-19 symptoms, are immuno-defi cient, without transportation, and/or without the funds, expertise, or equipment they need to either go out themselves, or to order and have delivered, the things they need during this time of quarantine to carry on with life.

Safety First: We will be observing the health and safety protocols prescribed by the CDC and other public health offi cials at all times during the execution of this Project. Physical interaction, contact, or proximity closer than 6’ is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for Project participants!

Requests for Help:

Request help for yourself or someone you know by filling in our form, or contact us by phone or email

You can call or email any of the following:
Tim Smith – Cell: 954-822-4727
Para Español llame: 754-214-3905
Homes Inc.: Info@HomesFl.org

Info We’ll Need:
Remember – if we can’t call you back, we won’t be able to help out!

  • Name & Phone Number (and/or email) of the person calling or emailing
  • Name & Address of the Person Needing Help
  • What is needed?
Request for Help

Person Making the Request


Collection & Delivery of Supplies:

This is where our Donors and Volunteers kick in! Here are specific ways you can participate:

Collect and/or Deliver Items:

Volunteer! Assist at the warehouse, or deliver to those in need, if you are willing and otherwise out of your house running necessary errands (mask & gloves on, wipes at the ready!).

Fill the form at right or call 917-686-9987

All deliveries are pre-arranged.


Volunteer Application

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Adress Line 1
Building/Apartment/Suite #


If a Request for Help is Beyond the Scope of our Project, or our Ability to Fulfill: We will do our absolute best to get you the help you need, and to put you in actual touch with someone at an agency that has the capacity to help you or your neighbor in need.

Our Project is just intended to fill in gaps in services currently available in this time of national crisis, as some local non-profits have had to close and/or lay off staff. We pledge to work with local partners still functioning, in service to those in the greatest need in our community, to the best of our capacity during this time of emergency, which necessitates working remotely and social distancing.

Please Visit Our Organizers